door county in the summer rain

last summer, on my birthday weekend, in the rain and the green of sturgeon bay. i needed it then and the experience still feeds my soul now. this year i hope i will escape to the green and the wild more than once. so I can stop being like “I went to Door County once and now my whole life is about it.” ha.

as a side note, this was my first attempt to match digital photos to film taken at the same time. I used VSCO pack 02 as a starting point (the only preset pack I ever got, back in my baby days of photography) and it only took a few tweaks to get it close enough to go well with film, and have some of that moody richness. Which is exciting, because I’ve been wanting to incorporate more film  into all my shoots/endeavors and now I’m encouraged.

Anyway. Trees! Are what it’s all about.

77690017 77690018 77690011 dsc_1750 77690013 77690015 dsc_1758 dsc_1761 77690010 dsc_1773 dsc_1776 dsc_1806 77690006 dsc_1804 dsc_1798 77690005 77690004 dsc_1817 dsc_1830 dsc_1838 77690001 dsc_1813 dsc_1844 dsc_1852 dsc_1874 dsc_1853 dsc_1866 dsc_1879 01140012 01140010 01140011 01140008 01140002 01140006 01140014

digital and film. film was kodak portra 400 and ilford delta 3200, shot on canon ae-1 program.


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